Which Surgeon Must Perform My Second Operation

Which Surgeon Must Perform My Second Operation?

It is very important that patients who have been recommended to undergo a second operation due to a “recurrence” or “residue” after they have previously gone through a hernia surgery, are evaluated in detail. For example, MR (magnetic resonance) examination using a contrast agent is very valuable if recurrent disc herniation is considered in the patient. It is necessary to make the decision after investigating the patient in detail to see whether something is missed. When choosing the surgeon to perform the second operation, it is imperative to find someone who is experienced in such surgeries; because you may not have a third chance.

Most of the surgeons will not want to perform your second operation and will send you back to the surgeon who did your first surgery. You have to be very careful during this time. If you did not benefit from the first surgery, it is likely that you will not benefit from the second surgery to be performed by the same surgeon. Because every wrong step to be taken will invite another wrong step.

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