What Is A Brain Tumor?

What Is A Brain Tumor?

The tumors that originate from the brain are not cancerous, meaning they do not jump to another part of the body; i.e. the brain tumor does not metastasize. Interestingly, most of the tumors seen in the brain are actually cancerous; since they come from somewhere else in the body; i.e. they have metastasized.

Unlike other parts of the body, the first treatment of brain tumors is always surgery. Because the brain is settled inside the skull, i.e. a closed bone box; the tumor begins to compress the brain. In other words; the tumor not only causes a negative effect due to the chemical substances it produces, but also a lethal effect due to the physical compression.

Of course, the neurosurgeon will make a decision by weighing the benefits of surgery with the risks it involves; but the time loss after the neurosurgeon has decided on the operation will be stolen from the rest of the patient’s life.

Moreover, the prognosis of brain tumors cannot be predicted only by MR examinations; thus it is also necessary to surgically remove the tumor so as to examine it in detail, in order to predict the future for the patient.

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