Frequently Asked Questions – Brain Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Brain Questions

  • Is there any medical treatment for the MS disease?
  • Is there any treatment for my migraines?
  • There are 2 lesions in the brain that are compatible with MS, and a doctor said they may have tuberculosis.
  • I have 4 wounds in my brain, but it’s not clear what they are.
  • The lesion in the brain makes it hard for her to speak and get up from her bed…
  • Lately, I’ve been having frequent seizures.

These types of questions can be answered better by an experienced Neurology professor.

  • Is there any cure for the cerebellum herniation?
  • In my daughter, a 3 mms of cerebellar sag became 5 mms in the control.
  • What is a cerebellar herniation?
  • There is cerebellar hernia, and the folias are 4.5 mm …
  • Is surgery necessary in case of Chiari?

This condition, also known as Arnold Chiari Syndrome, can be successfully treated with surgery.

  • A cystic lesion was observed (mega sisterna magna? Arachnoid cyst?) …
  • There’s a cyst behind the eye.
  • For the arachnoid cyst, it was recommended to have a control MR after 6 months.
  • I have a congenital cyst on the left side of the back of my brain.
  • I have an arachnoid cyst and because of it, my brain is pushed to the right.
  • A subarachnoid cyst was seen…
  • Is there a possibility of shrinking in these cysts? Is that the reason of the headache he feels?
  • If there is no growth in the cysts, is there a need for surgery? Is it a risky operation if I have surgery?

We do not normally recommend surgery for arachnoid cysts, surgery is recommended only if they cause a major problem; and it is not a very risky operation regardless.

  • Is there any possibility that the cyst in his brain will migrate to the chest?
  • The pineal gland has a cyst of about 8 mm in diameter…

Normalde pineal kistlere pek ameliyat önermeyiz, ancak takip sırasında büyürlerse ameliyat önerilir; çünkü çok riskli bir ameliyattır.

  • May the consciousness of the patient with brainstem pressure be returned?
  • He can see 50% due to increased intracranial pressure and gradually loses sight.

It will be better for a neurologist to answer these questions, but we aim to remove the pressure on the brainstem immediately with a proper operation. We can generalize the same situation; if it is possible to surgically treat the condition that increases the intracranial pressure, we plan an operation immediately.

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