Frequently Asked Questions – Brain Tumor

Frequently Asked Questions - Brain Tumor

  • They are unconscious…
  • Grade 4 tumor, is the outcome good?
  • Pathologic result is glioblastoma, WHO grade IV; what can I do to get better?

If a brain tumor that has grown enough to put the patient in the coma, especially with the appearance of a stage 4 Glioblastoma; we never think of performing surgery.

  • There is a brain tumor and they told us to go to Ankara for an operation, but the doctors say that it’s a risky surgery…
  • A transparent fluid has been coming from the nose of my mother for nearly 1 year. Could it be a cerebrospinal fluid discharge?
  • What is a lesion?
  • A mass lesion compatible with macro adenoma is seen in the pituitary.

Try to reach an experienced neurosurgeon as soon as possible in these situations, so that you’re not sorry afterwards…

  • What does a calcified lesion (calcific meningioma? dural calcification?) mean?
  • I have a benign brain tumor.
  • What’s a cavernoma of the brain?
  • An angle tumor was detected, should I try gamma-knife or surgery?
  • How do you know if this tumor is benign or malignant when you suggest treatment with gamma knife for a meningioma?
  • Can low grade glial tumors be converted to high grade glial tumors? Does it make sense to follow-up or undergo a surgical operation?

In such cases, that is, if a benign tumor is found in your brain; and if an experienced neurosurgeon suggests surgery for you, get the operation done immediately so that the tumor can be completely removed before the tumor turns into a malignant tumor. Other treatment options will be applied as a last resort, if the tumor cannot be completely removed and changes its temperament. In the meantime, do not forget to investigate whether doctors telling you that you should not be operated are really capable of performing this operation in the first place.

  • She had a breast cancer and now a brain tumor is found.
  • Do you have a chance to operate on multiple metastases in more than one place of the brain?

Metastases from the tumors of other parts of the body to the brain and within the brain can be successfully removed using contemporary surgical techniques and thus the life of the patient can be extended, and quality of life can be preserved.

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