Frequently Asked Questions – Forgetfulness And Dementia

Frequently Asked Questions - Forgetfulness And Dementia

  • I do not understand what I’m studying, and I quickly forget.

If you apply to a neurologist, these complaints may find a successful solution.

  • I forget recent history, and my pace has slowed down…
  • When I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus on an incidentally obtained MR.
  • Our father forgets everything quickly, walks slowly, leaks stool and urine; doctors say that the dead cells can’t come back, and we did not go to the neurology specialist.

I hope we are not too late but if I can examine the patient in detail and have a chance to get a new MR, we may see whether there is a clinical picture seen in 7% of people with these type of disorders; called Adams Hakim Syndrome or normal pressure hydrocephalus. If you’re in luck and we find such a disorder, then we will do whatever it takes to help with the damage.

  • Alzheimer’s started four years ago, approaching the third stage; what is your treatment method?
  • Our father with Alzheimer’s has a problem of excessive aggression and sleep.

Your doctors who treat your patient know and do the very best. Neurology and psychiatrist specialists treating your patient can give you first-hand and healthier information.

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