Frequently Asked Questions – Neck Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Neck Questions

  • I am said to have a curvature in the neck, but they have not given any drugs.
  • They said that I have a flattening in the neck, but did not prescribe drugs or anything else.
  • I underwent neural therapy from my neck, but did not get any relief.
  • The disease is said to be of psychological origin, and a doctor even said that I fabricated it.
  • Antidepressant medication was prescribed but I did not use the drug as it caused sleepiness.

Neck pains caused by mental illnesses, and particularly depression, are often misdiagnosed as disk herniations. So in neck pain, your doctor will first give you a treatment aiming your psychological condition. Moreover, even if a “curvature in the neck” or “neck flattening” is present in your X-ray films, the treatment will not be different. In the next step, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation will come.

  • One of my shoulders is above the other.
  • My age is 26, is arthritis of the neck possible in this age?

Arthritis means the occurrence of new bone protrusions or osteophytes, epins in the bones; and it can occur even at very early ages where long-term postural disorders are not treated.

  • C7 protrusion happened after the spinal cord specialist here recommended acupuncture, unfortunately…
  • I have an extruded disc hernia in the neck, is surgery necessary?
  • I have a stage 3 hernia in my neck.
  • My disc has fallen into the spinal canal.
  • What are the healing rates of surgery?

If a disc hernia is in the form of extrusion or protrusion, especially if it has fallen into the spinal canal; the only treatment all over the world is surgery. If weakness and cord compression is accompanying this, it is a much more dangerous situation; and the only solution is an emergency surgery. However, I would like to remind that in order to reach this decision; a surgeon must listen and examine the patient in detail, make electrical measurements from his nerves, obtain a CT as well as MR and dynamic x-rays of the spine. Success rates in neck surgery is higher than in waist surgery.

  • Is it possible to use a disc prosthesis in myelomalasia?

Of course, however, myelomalacia refers to spinal cord injury and whether a prosthesis or cage will be placed when the disc is removed during surgery will be decided on the basis of the age of the patient and results of radiological examinations.

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