Frequently Asked Questions – Pregnancy and Labor

Frequently Asked Questions - Pregnancy and Labor

  • What is the follow-up period after birth?
  • Is it necessary to have a preterm birth for the disc herniation?
  • They said that I should not plan a pregnancy since I may get paralyzed, and a surgery must be performed beforehand…
  • I’ve been pregnant for 7 months and have 2 herniated discs; is there any risk in undergoing epidural anesthesia?
  • I’ve been pregnant for 12 weeks and have 2 lumbar disc herniations, can I have a normal labor?
  • I’ve been pregnant for 29 weeks and have serious back pain, please tell me the name of a muscle relaxer.

When the lumbar disc herniation develops in the pregnancy and the pain starts, the patient cannot be x-rayed for diagnosis and no medicine can be used. For this reason, the best idea is that if any pain is present before the pregnancy, it is better to solve this problem before getting pregnant. If you arrange your neurosurgeon and your obstetrician to meet before birth, you will have a healthier decision about the method of delivery. Otherwise, when the pregnancy is over; the treatment will be postponed until the baby is ablactated. Moreover, the mother may still be overweight after the pregnancy; making the treatment more difficult.

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