Frequently Asked Questions – Price Issues

Frequently Asked Questions - Price Issues

  • What con you do about In the reimbursement of the state …
  • We’re looking for a good place to be referred to.
  • Are you looking at patients reimbursed by SGK?
  • Does SGK reimburse?
  • I have no health insurance.
  • We don’t have the financial resources, is there someone working in state hospitals that you can direct us to?

I’m a private practice physician, I do not work as a staff member in any hospital. I see my patients at my office and if I am going to perform surgery, I work with various private hospitals in Ankara. Unfortunately, you do not have a chance to reach me through government reimbursement or SGK. You can only be treated by me if you make all the necessary payments yourself. At times, private insurance companies may cover these expenses partly, of course. But besides that, I can refer you to experienced private surgeons in big cities.

  • How much will it probably cost, I will prepare the amount according to your answer…
  • How much is your estimated price on a single level?
  • What is the price of the surgery?
  • What is the price of the examination?
  • I heard that the cost may be too much, what would you estimate?
  • Do you examine the patient in your office, and do you operate in private hospitals?
  • What is the minimum and maximum cost?
  • If we bring the patient to you and an operation will be necessary, how much will it cost?

Maybe your patient does not need any surgery, or a very complicated operation may be necessary. The surgery to be performed is decided according to the age, weight, discomfort, examination findings and results of the medical tests of the patient. Of course, many types of surgeries may be considered in this case; and the cost of the operation is determined according to the risk, duration, chance of success, duration of recovery, etc. Thus, it is unfortunately not possible to tell you a price range. In addition, the hospital comfort that you want is another factor that affects the cost. However, if we are sure about the kind of surgery that is necessary, then we can choose among various price options that best suits you.

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