Frequently Asked Questions – Stem Cells

Frequently Asked Questions - Stem Cells

  • Is there a solution for the paralysis?
  • There is single leg weakness as the result of a nerve damage.
  • My strength came back, but is there a cure for the leak of stool and urine; will that sense return back?
  • There is no sense down under the level of belly.
  • Tnere is spinal cord injury with firearm…
  • We want to test the procedure for our patient who has had 8 operations (but no nerve damage).
  • Will hemiparesis sequel recover gradually?
  • Arms can only be moved while in the wheelchair…

Adult human stem cells taken from relatively easily accessible areas such as bone marrow, olfactory nerves and cultivated into neural stem cells thought to undergo some changes under the influence of neighboring tissues in their environment so as to treat the spinal cord which is in damage or may be relieving the patient’s status by some chemical substances or some signals emitted. This topic is not yet fully exploited. We must be very careful and cautious about the use of stem cells for treatment in humans, unless the answers to these questions are clear; only in totally paralyzed patients with no other chance of recovery and only with special permissions.

  • Can stem cell therapy be performed in Turkey?
  • They said that there was nothing to do for patients with this kind of illness.
  • I had stem cell surgery and although I was ASIA B before the operation, 9 months after the operation came to ASIA A level, meaning I am worse; and the surgeon said that when my edema resolves, my feelings would come back again.

Just as it is in every area of human health, stem cell therapy is also regulated by the Ministry of Health. In accordance with international rules, stem cell therapy is available only for patients with no other treatment option; but a trial can be made by obtaining a special permission for each individual patient, from the Ministry of Health. Be careful about what I said, “trial”. For such a stem cell therapy trial, first a file containing details about the patient’s medical information, the source of the stem cells to be given to the patient, the method by which stem cells will be given to the patient is prepared by the physician who will perform the stem cell trial to the patient. If a scientific commission established by the Ministry of Health gives a permit, this treatment may be tried. You need to be careful about other applications, i.e. stem cell therapy applications without this necessary permission. In this case, never forget that you are out of the protection of laws.

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