Frequently Asked Questions – Vascular Problems Of The Brain Hematoma

Frequently Asked Questions - Vascular Problems Of The Brain Hematoma

  • It was told that there was nothing to do with this kind of illness.
  • There is blockage in the brain vessels.
  • Vascular disease is said to be due to diabetes.
  • Since the brain did not send any signal to the veins in my right eye and did not actuate them, eye acuity loss and cross-eye occurred; may the neurosurgeon help me?
  • His artery is blocked, is a surgery risky?

Unfortunately, when the brain vessels are blocked; there is not much that can be done by the neurosurgeons.

  • There’s expansion in his brain and no angiography can be performed…
  • There is only one bubble in our patient’s brain that did not explode, and it said that the operation might cause blindness.
  • They said that he had a bubble in his brain, but he did not receive a comprehensive treatment.
  • If there is a saccular aneurysm, which path would be appropriate to follow?
  • My father was fine after the brain aneurysm surgery and he was walking and speaking, but a week later vasospasm developed.
  • They said that the veins in his brain were shrinking.

Aneurysm surgeries in brain vessels are high-risk operations, but they are performed considering death is the other option. Even if these surgeries are successful, severe damage to the blood vessels, and even death may occur after the operation.

  • My disease was thought to be a vascular malformation, treated with gamma-knife; and the remaining lesion was thought to be compatible with a cavernoma.

I hope it wasn’t like what you’ve said, that is, it is indicated by angiography that it is such a vascular malformation – not just thought so. I also hope that your surgeon who recommended this treatment is a surgeon who has the experience to do the appropriate surgery; instead of saying “surgery is very dangerous” for a surgery that he can’t do. Otherwise cavernoma in fact can be surgically removed at low risk.

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