What Is Lumbar Disc Hernia?

What Is Lumbar Disc Hernia?

In “Lumbar disc hernia”, “lumbar radiculopathy”, “lumbar bulging disc”, “lumbar protrusion” or “lumbar extruded fragment”, the cartilaginous structure between the two spinal bone that we call disk may be protruding or extruded, that is, herniated into the spinal canal; and such a condition is called a disc hernia. A part of the disc may have been severed, meaning it may be a sequestration, which is called a fragmented or uncontained hernia.

There are both contemporary and primitive reasons for the formation of a disc herniation. As a contemporary reason, the working conditions required by the modern lifestyle; for example, working while sitting in front of the computer or steering wheel may be the cause. The weight problem that arises as a result of this kind of lack of exercise is an extra issue. As a primitive reason, despite all the scientific developments; we are still sitting, lying, and even working in places that were designed centuries ago. So the asymmetrical loads we are faced with are very dangerous.

The lumbar disc herniation is actually a socioeconomic disease, that is, it effects young people; preventing them from active life. It should be remembered that our discs start to age from the age of twenty, because the waist is the most enforced part of the human body. Hence, the cup that is filled in our youth with the wrong things we have done blatantly; can, in an unlucky day overflow – sometimes due to lifting a heavy load, reverse movement, or with only a sneeze. Of course, it is important not to forget that smoking is one of the most important factors that cause harm to our lumbar discs.

If the necessary precautions are not taken and the lumbar disc herniation and the necessary surgery is not done, the hernia can be calcified; and even damage the thick membrane called the dura inside the spinal canal. For example, if one year has passed since you postponed the necessary operation, and then if you decide to have the surgery; the surgery is both more difficult and dangerous, and the chance of getting well is less. For this reason, it is very important to take the necessary precautions on time.

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