What Is The Treatment For Lumbar Disc Hernia?

What Is The Treatment For Lumbar Disc Hernia?

Therapy for lumbar disc herniation consists of many steps, and apart from emergencies – which are very rare, – following these steps is the most accurate, scientific and ethical method. The first step is bed-rest treatment; you just have to rest all day in a proper bed except to get up to the toilet and for the meal, until the pain resolves. By a proper bed, I do not mean that the patient must lie down on the floor or on a hard board, or purchase a very expensive full-orthopedic bed. Any licensed brand from the spring bed business will be enough, just change it after every eight years. Do not sleep in the couch or anywhere else. In the restroom, you should of course use the toilet seat. If the classical Turkish style toilet is a habit that you can never give up, then you can purchase one of the newly developed, low sitting style toilet seat.

Your doctor will also prescribe you some medicines. Use these medicines only for the period as recommended by your doctor. You can also be recommended to use a corset. Never forget, however; that the period that you use the corset must never exceed 3 months, otherwise you can get seriously harmed. Of course, if it comes to the fact that you are overweight; then you should definitely consult a dietitian and apply whatever is said.

Physical therapy is the second step, but if possible for all 20 sessions, ie. 1 month. It is very important that you are well protected from cold weather before and after the physical therapy sessions. In other words, physiotherapy is best suited when nearest to your home or workplace. This treatment must be able to make you feel comfortable for at least one year. You will not have to experience the same problem again if you make the exercises prescribed during the physical therapy sessions regularly and even make them a part of your life.

The third and last step is various surgical procedures. So surgery should always be the last resort. What I did not do is in fact assures what I do…

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