After The Disc Operation In The Neck

After The Disc Operation In The Neck

You should be careful to prevent any water from touching your skin at the operation site, at least three days after the operation. Nowadays, as the incisions are usually closed with hidden stitches, you can remove the cover and have a shower at the end of this period after the neck surgery. But if it is told that you should have your stitches removed, then you should have them removed on the fifth day; but during this time your operation site must be covered.

It would be appropriate to spend the first week mostly at home and usually by resting in bed; and after the first week, you can go out of the house and even go to work for a short period. When a month has passed; you will start having physiotherapy somewhere close to your work or home, again for a full month. The exercises that will be taught to you during the physical therapy sessions must then become a part of your life.

After physical therapy, and after one more month of exercise (so by the end of the third month), you can now become a member of a sports hall, perform heavy sports and return to hard work. The analgesic, muscle relaxant and antibiotics prescribed to you after surgery must only be used for the period of time that your surgeon will tell you and then you will stop taking them. Do not forget that you underwent surgery to get rid of the drugs and to have a higher quality of life.

Use special neck pillows in the bed, they are sold in separate sizes for men and women. Do not sleep on the couch or elsewhere, do not sit for long periods in unsuitable positions. Do not sit on an arm chair but on a chair; and do not lean back. Adjust your head restraint at the top of your seat in a car such that it always touches the back of your head, and take this warning throughout your entire life.

Protect your neck from cold. Do not make unstable and compelling movements; for example, do not lift very heavy objects and carry weight in one hand. If you are told to use a collar for a certain period of time, never forget wearing it while you are sitting and standing; but do not use it for a period more than that recommended to you.

Of course, all of this is true only if your surgeon did not tell anything to you on the contrary.

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