Should I Make Exercises?

Should I Make Exercises?

Like all other doctors, the spine specialists always emphasize the importance of exercise. You can actually reduce your pain with an exercise chosen according to your needs, and even provide rapid and significant improvement so as to protect you from recurrent pain. In order to do your exercises at home with very little technical equipment, you should first find a physical therapist or physiotherapist who will choose and arrange the necessary movements that you will learn; and establish a good communication with him/her. Even after surgery, the range of motion will be gradually and carefully increased, starting from simple stretching movements and the exercises that will continue until the point where the pain does not resume.

In fact, the exercise called “pilates” is best for the human backbone; which means that it is the best type of exercise you can do for your neck or back. It has already been developed for spine health. When learned in the company of an experienced teacher, it’s as simple as anyone can do, anywhere, without any devices. We always recommend pilates to our patients.

All body movements and posture (including standing or sitting upright) require adequate muscle strength and flexibility. Such strong muscles can only be achieved by stretching and strengthening exercises that are done slowly. The pains that arise during exercise and radiate outwards from your body in your arms or legs will gradually gather at the central core of your body as you continue and mean that you are beginning to improve and heal. Of course, if you have severe and sudden sharp pains, do not continue with the exercise and inform your doctor about this situation.

Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming and cycling strengthen your muscles. This also has two benefits: first, the blood flow is accelerated, and therefore the nutrients become more abundant in damaged areas; so the repairment of the tissues will be easier. Second, your durability increases and your daily life functions improve to increase your work ability. Especially muscles in the central core of the body are strengthened by the exercises, and this will help you balance your daily activities and make you less likely to fall.

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