What Is Alternative Medicine?

What Is Alternative Medicine?

There’s nothing like that. Nothing can replace medicine, thus nothing can be an alternative. Methods such as acupuncture, osteopathy, reflexology, hypnotherapy, ayurveda, yoga, magnetotherapy, osteopathic medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, maggot therapy, mesotherapy, ozone treatment, phytotherapy, hirudoterapi, bioenergy, musical therapy, apitherapy, prolotherapy, cryopractic, blood letting may only be called traditional medicine; that is, a series of interim solutions that have been implemented while the modern medicine has not been accessible to anyone within a history of hundreds of years.

They are not even a solution, perhaps only applications that comfort the patient and the relatives of the patient. At least they can say, “We have tried everything possible, but bad luck is bad luck.”

To be fair, these practices can also be called complementary medicine; applications that improve the quality of life by bringing the patient’s suffering to a somewhat more bearable level.

If they were alternative medicine, then could they be an alternative to vaccination or antibiotics? No physician who deals with these practices and has been certified for compliance with the necessary legal training can have such a claim. If you hear such a claim from your doctor, just run away…

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